10 somethings I learnt about Morocco

Morocco was never on my ‘must visit’ list of countries. However, I have always said if you have the opportunity to go somewhere new, do not pass it up. Naturally I had no expectations. After spending over two weeks driving from the very north to the south I experienced many learnings about a place I have come to love and will happily return. Some intriguing, some hilarious, some irritating, but all a memory not to be forgotten. Below are ten somethings I learnt about Morocco.

One. Bargaining at markets is draining and seriously tests your patience. I know it’s a tradition of Moroccan
culture so I’m not saying it shouldn’t happen, I’m just saying I don’t like it. Just tell me how much you want for the damned thing and I’ll pay it. No games please. Although I did figure out that if a store owner at a market introduces himself by name and asks for yours in return he is a) Read More