24/7 with one person

This is Mitchell. He looks like he’s alone in this photo but he’s not. That’s because I am on the other side of the lens. As he is, with every photo taken of me. The reality is we are never alone. For the last eight months we have travelled Europe while living in a campervan. We are together 24/7. Always. All. The. Time.

Think about being in a room smaller than your bedroom. But that room is your entire house. And there’s another person in it. You sometimes wish you had a dog for a second person to talk to, because dogs are Read More


What no one tells you about living in a campervan

If you think you have a good idea of what it’s like to live in a campervan the below post might change your perspective.

I imagined the dream life. Non-stop travel. Never ending freedom. Don’t get me wrong… campervan life is all of these things but below is everything that no one told us about living in a campervan.

You will drive a lot. Although this seems obvious I can’t stress enough how much of your day it takes up. Sometimes we hit the Read More