What I love most about living in a campervan

If you have read my post ‘What no one tells you about living in a campervan’ you may have been put off by the whole idea. Living in a campervan is full of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns but the benefits will always come out on top. I know I will walk away from this trip remembering the joys I get to experience everyday while the downsides will become insignificant or in some cases very funny stories. Here are some of the things that I love most about living in a campervan.

You live a simple life. The things you own and the things you do are there because Read More


What no one tells you about living in a campervan

If you think you have a good idea of what it’s like to live in a campervan the below post might change your perspective.

I imagined the dream life. Non-stop travel. Never ending freedom. Don’t get me wrong… campervan life is all of these things but below is everything that no one told us about living in a campervan.

You will drive a lot. Although this seems obvious I can’t stress enough how much of your day it takes up. Sometimes we hit the Read More

A home on wheels: What to consider before buying a campervan or motorhome

You have decided to buy your own home on wheels – congratulations and welcome to a world of freedom and travel! Before you go any further you will want to seriously consider the type of camper you are after. It should be practical but also be a reflection of yourself.

Below is a guide of what to consider before buying your campervan or motorhome divided in to the five categories of point of sale, budget, practicality, luxuries and security. These are based on what we wish someone had told us before we entered the process or issues that we encountered along the way.

Point of sale

First consider where you will purchase your camper or motorhome. The two main options are a dealership Read More