I don’t believe in love

One word. That’s all it is. Four letters. Love. Put this one word alongside two others and you’ve just changed your relationship in the best or worst possible way. There is no turning back. I love you.

Growing up young people are taught we must find love. Love is the key to the beginning of our happy life. In film, novels, purfume ads and by our brothers and sisters before us. As a result we find ourselves on a time bomb looking for love. And in doing so Read More


Walking Koprovsky Stit, Slovakia

First off lets get things straight. This is not a walk. This is most definitely a hike. I used the words ‘not fun’, ‘torturous’, ‘I’m dying’, ‘what the fuck’ and ‘are we there yet’ several times on the way up.

Its not like I am an inexperienced hiker. I’ve hiked to Mt Everest for christ sake. I think it came down to ill mentalΒ preparation.Β IfΒ someone had told me it was going to be a five hour rock climbing lesson I probably would have been okay with it.

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Why I walk with elephants

Since I started this blog a lot of people have queried it’s name and how it relates to travel. Why elephants? You’re not literally walking with them, are you?

To literally walk and live among elephants would be an entirely new feat on its own deserving of its own blog. Since the probability of me coming across a real life elephant on my travels is very unlikely, the expression is not literal but rather a metaphorical one.

Walking with elephants is about going bigger than you have ever gone before. Elephants are the largest land mammal in the world, yet what makes them truly unique is that despite their sheer size and strength overshadowing the rest of the animal kingdom they remain caring and peaceful. To act in the Read More

What I love most about living in a campervan

If you have read my post ‘What no one tells you about living in a campervan’ you may have been put off by the whole idea. Living in a campervan is full of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns but the benefits will always come out on top. I know I will walk away from this trip remembering the joys I get to experience everyday while the downsides will become insignificant or in some cases very funny stories. Here are some of the things that I love most about living in a campervan.

You live a simple life. The things you own and the things you do are there because Read More

The beauty of opportunity

I once read a quote in a book and it has stuck with me ever since.

A person’s most profound flaws or values emerge in great crisis. It is sad that ordinary, dull people die all the time without ever knowing they are heroes. All because a girl didn’t go under in a lake right in front of them, or a neighbour’s house didn’t catch fire.

Julia Heaberlein, Black Eyed Susans, pg. 176

It reminds me that figuring out who we are may be left to chance or opportunity. Seize every opportunity you have as you never know what path it may lead you down, what you may discover about life, or the self in you that poses great potential.

Walk down those stairs. Take that right hand turn. You never know what you might find.

What no one tells you about living in a campervan

If you think you have a good idea of what it’s like to live in a campervan the below post might change your perspective.

I imagined the dream life. Non-stop travel. Never ending freedom. Don’t get me wrong… campervan life is all of these things but below is everything that no one told us about living in a campervan.

You will drive a lot. Although this seems obvious I can’t stress enough how much of your day it takes up. Sometimes we hit the Read More

Mid-twenties life crisis

It seems we were brought up to believe we can be anything we want to be. We were told a world of prosperity lies at our fingertips and all we have to do is reach out and grab it.

Become a police officer, an anthropologist, a film director. You name it, you can do it. We finish school, go to uni, get a job, yet we still don’t end up where we intended. High expectations often lead to dissatisfaction and a longing for more. Something that shouts, this is me and this is my life! I think that all Read More