24/7 with one person

This is Mitchell. He looks like he’s alone in this photo but he’s not. That’s because I am on the other side of the lens. As he is, with every photo taken of me. The reality is we are never alone. For the last eight months we have travelled Europe while living in a campervan. We are together 24/7. Always. All. The. Time.

Think about being in a room smaller than your bedroom. But that room is your entire house. And there’s another person in it. You sometimes wish you had a dog for a second person to talk to, because dogs are Read More


I don’t believe in love

One word. That’s all it is. Four letters. Love. Put this one word alongside two others and you’ve just changed your relationship in the best or worst possible way. There is no turning back. I love you.

Growing up young people are taught we must find love. Love is the key to the beginning of our happy life. In film, novels, purfume ads and by our brothers and sisters before us. As a result we find ourselves on a time bomb looking for love. And in doing so Read More

For all the mothers

I am not a mother. I have never been a mother. I have never come close to acting as a mother. But when I do become a mother, I will remember to read this post.

Ask anyone you know and they will say they have the best mum.

I have the best mum. She puts a blanket over me when I fall asleep on her couch on Sundays. I have the best stepmum. She is full of compliments and always available for a gossip. My boyfriend has the best mum. She bakes for her sons every time they visit. Read More

What it means to have a best friend

I have heard stories where moving to a different city, a new country or long term travel has broken friendships. The time apart leaves room for error. Little effort turns in to lost contact and new experiences causes growth in different directions.

I personally have not had this experience. Travel has only solidified the meaning of the words ‘best friend’. After months or years apart the relationship should not change. It should not need to be actively worked on and it can not be controlled or defined. It continues to exist in every possible way.

For me, there is one person that encompasses everything that I see a best friend to be. I don’t think anyone can Read More