Why I walk with elephants

Since I started this blog a lot of people have queried it’s name and how it relates to travel. Why elephants? You’re not literally walking with them, are you?

To literally walk and live among elephants would be an entirely new feat on its own deserving of its own blog. Since the probability of me coming across a real life elephant on my travels is very unlikely, the expression is not literal but rather a metaphorical one.

Walking with elephants is about going bigger than you have ever gone before. Elephants are the largest land mammal in the world, yet what makes them truly unique is that despite their sheer size and strength overshadowing the rest of the animal kingdom they remain caring and peaceful. To act in the Read More


The beauty of opportunity

I once read a quote in a book and it has stuck with me ever since.

A person’s most profound flaws or values emerge in great crisis. It is sad that ordinary, dull people die all the time without ever knowing they are heroes. All because a girl didn’t go under in a lake right in front of them, or a neighbour’s house didn’t catch fire.

Julia Heaberlein, Black Eyed Susans, pg. 176

It reminds me that figuring out who we are may be left to chance or opportunity. Seize every opportunity you have as you never know what path it may lead you down, what you may discover about life, or the self in you that poses great potential.

Walk down those stairs. Take that right hand turn. You never know what you might find.

Mid-twenties life crisis

It seems we were brought up to believe we can be anything we want to be. We were told a world of prosperity lies at our fingertips and all we have to do is reach out and grab it.

Become a police officer, an anthropologist, a film director. You name it, you can do it. We finish school, go to uni, get a job, yet we still don’t end up where we intended. High expectations often lead to dissatisfaction and a longing for more. Something that shouts, this is me and this is my life! I think that all Read More

The event of an uneventful birthday

As a child your birthday was the most important event of the year. You thought about it days, weeks, even months leading up to it. It was a day of absolute selfishness as you knew all attention would be focused on you. Everything would go your way.

You could argue this selfishness increased as a teenager. Your manipulative teenage self was now aware they had full control over presents on the wish list, invites to the exclusive gathering and where it all took place.

When you woke up on your birthday it felt like your day. Butterflies were lurking and you were constantly on the look out for any hidden suprises coming your way.Β It was like sucking on a helium balloon except you weren’t breathing in helium – you breathed in excitement and opportunity. You asked, Read More

Something old. Something new.

Every twenty something year old who has moved overseas will have felt exactly how I am feeling right now. There are two days before I get on the plane and the only question any one has askedΒ is “Are you excited?” I’m not. I’m not even sad. If I could pin point one feeling, it’s emptiness.

I have left my job, said good bye to most of my friends and packed everything I own in to a box or a bag.

Over the last few months I have spent more and more time wondering aimlessly around the city noticing industrial corners I never knew existed. I have spent an hour alone on the end of the down town pier Read More