Europe in 21 questions

Our camper dream has officially come to an end. So, after nine months of living and travelling Europe in a van, what did we think?

Mitchell and I compiled and list of 21 questions about our trip and have answered them truthfully for all of YOU to read. One catch, to prevent our answers from being swayed neither was to reveal what we’d said until the very end. Read on to find out what we really thought.

1. If you could only do one thing again what would it be?

Becca: Outlook Festival in Croatia. The Best. Time. Ever.

Mitchell: Travel in a campervan! Somewhere else in the world, maybe Australia or back in good ole NZ.

2. While on the road, what did you miss most?

Becca: Having friends. Or just anyone that we could talk to. We spent a lot of time in small towns where hardly anyone spoke English so that was difficult.

Mitchell: Friends, family and a big bed.

3. Name one thing you wouldn’t change about your trip.

Becca: Doing it in a campervan. It was such a new and amazing experience and maybe something that we will never get to do again.

Mitchell: The person I did it with.

4. Name one thing you would change about your trip.

Becca: I think I would have planned visiting the big cities better. We hardly spent more than one day in any major city because we couldn’t drive the van in or leave her for extended periods of time. It would have been a different experience staying in hotels or backpackers.

Mitchell: Having a more modern motorhome… assuming we had more money.

5. If there was one country you visited that you could never return to, which country would it be?

Becca: This is a really difficult question. Maybe Czech Republic? We went to Prague which was gorgeous but I guess once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. Though we only spent a few days there and didn’t see the rest of the country so don’t have the most well rounded opinion.

Mitchell: Hmm, that’s hard, maybe Luxembourg, only because it’s little and we saw most of it!

6. What was the most surreal moment?

Becca: Standing under the Eiffel Tower in Paris simply because it’s one of the most recognised land marks in the world.

Mitchell: Being woken up to knocks on our door by local Police in Switzerland after sleeping in a random car park. Opening the door with singlet, hippy pants on and a mad aff, and having to convince them we weren’t over staying tourists. It made me realise how odd our way of life must look to an outsider.

7. If you had to live and work in one place, where would it be?

Becca: Munich. It’s a buzzing city but still very clean and welcoming. Plus Oktoberfest is there so I could go every year 😛

Mitchell: I think I could live in a big city in Germany. Maybe Berlin.

8. If you had to live and play (not work) in one place which would it be?

Becca: Barcelona. It has the best of everything – city, beach, nightlife and Tapas. Perfect.

Mitchell: Spain or Morocco on the coast. Surf everyday.

9. Which city has the best night life?

Becca: A lot of cities are great but Berlin tops the list. After midnight it becomes a giant playground.

Mitchell: Berlin.

10. What was the best site you saw?

Becca: The scenery in Norway is out if this world. It looks like a movie set (and probably has been many times). Also Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna was beautiful.

Mitchell: Norway, Preikestolen Rock – the view of and from the peak was incredible.

11. Was there any where that you felt unsafe? If yes, why?

Becca: In Prague I took a wrong turn while on a run and ended up in a really dodgy area with deserted buildings and homeless people staring at me. Also several times in Morocco getting unwanted attention. And that one night in Slovakia when someone tried to break into the van while we were sleeping in it. Fond memories.

Mitchell: Sleeping in a car park in an industrial area outside a town in South Germany on a Friday night. Three cars arrived in the night and were partying/messing around right outside our van. I thought we were in the shit.

12. What was your most memorable moment?

Becca: Sitting on the beach at Outlook Festival. I had a cider in one hand, a burrito in the other, DJs playing a few meters behind me, Mitchell to my right and the sun setting across the ocean in front. I remember thinking… Life is pretty damn sweet right now.

Mitchell: So many! Maybe the first surf I went for in Morocco, being the only one in the water and on the beach apart from the donkey that was watching me.

3. Describe the funniest thing that happened.

Becca: Well it wasn’t funny at the time but our motorhome broke down in Sweden and we were towed to the nearest garage where we had to wait until morning for new parts to arrive. They locked us inside their barbed wire fence, on the side of the motorway, in the middle of nowhere, with a lifetime supply of snacks, in Sweden. Great. Oh also when our water tank froze in France. Hilarious.

Mitchell: Trying snooze in Sweden with Karol (where you put a little tea bag of tobacco under your upper lip). It was great fun until the very end of the night when we got back to the van and both suddenly felt seriously ill. We couldn’t move. Becca thought it was hilarious.

14. Do you regret doing anything?

Becca: We travelled for a long time and were never really on ‘holiday mode’. Travelling became our new way of life and seeing new sites and places became normal. I wish I had spent more time in some places and appreciated them more.

Mitchell: Nope!

15. Do you regret not doing anything?

Becca: My Oma was Dutch and she had lots of beautiful pictures of Tulip fields around her house. I always said one day I would visit but we were one week too late in the season. Still on the to do list.

Mitchell: Would of liked to go to Portugal, we weren’t technically allowed to with our visas but we could have easily gotten away with it.

16. What was the best thing you paid for?

Becca: Opting for the expensive Sail Croatia boat. We had the best time ever and did it in luxury.

Mitchell: Mandy our motorhome. Wasn’t a great investment, and yes she put us in some tricky/stressful situations. But she was our home on wheels.

17. What was the best thing you did for free?

Becca: Hiking in Slovakia. The walk nearly killed me (9 hours!!) so much so that I felt inclined to write a blog about it. But memories to last a lifetime.

Mitchell: Freedom camp in Norway/Sweden! So many incredible spots!

18. Name one thing you learnt.

Becca: I learnt that you can literally go anywhere you want. Travel is a real thing and it’s actually easy to do! I also learnt that Mitchell is my most favourite person ever (although I kind of already knew this).

Mitchell: Everything that can possibly go wrong with a motorhome.

19. What was the best thing you ate?

Becca: Calzones in Croatia. And a custard donut in San Sebastian which Mitchell would not stop talking about. Yes Mitchell it was a great donut.

Mitchell: There is this bakery in San Sebastian, Spain… the custard donuts are legit.

20. Name something that pleasantly surprised you.

Becca: Slovakia – probably because it was a last minute decision to go there and we had no idea what to expect. We spent time in the mountains and stumbled upon this crazy summer vacation resort with everything you could possibly want. We couldn’t speak to anyone there but still had a great time. Also the beaches on Spain’s northern coast were awesome, mainly I think because they reminded me of NZ.

Mitchell: How easy it was to get by with out speaking the local language (after mastering some key body language techniques).

21. Who was the most memorable person you met while travelling?

Becca: An Irish singer named Pat Kelly who we met in a pub in Denmark who then later proceeded to give is a tour of his home city Copenhagen. Shout out to Pat!

Mitchell: A local Moroccan surfer Yoùssef from Asilah. He introduced himself, invited me into his home/restaurant and came out for a surf with me. His front yard went straight onto the beach which we had to ourselves. Incredibly friendly as a lot of Moroccan’s were to us.


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