Outlook: Where time is turned

Outlook is one of Croatia’s premier music festivals set across six days in the late 19th century Fort Punta Christo. It hosts sounds of drum and bass, dubstep, reggae and grime from the early hours of the morning to deep into the night. Because of this there are 16,000 smiling faces and not a care for anything else in the world except the beautiful Croatian sun and music.

Outlook is something you can’t control. It’s something that happens to you and with very little warning. It’s as if someone has taken the hands of the clock and begun to move them for you. Time simultaneously moves forwards and backwards. There is no need to think but only feel the space, people and sounds around you. A momentary fade that lasts a lifetime. The feeling I love. Reading this will never explain the feeling in its full and own right but the least I can do is try.


Every night you surrender yourself to the hands of the clock. Something comes over you as you are transported back in time to inside the walls of Pula’s fortress. The urge to explore is overpowering as you creep through rock passageways, secret paths and moats. Searching for each of the 12 stages is sometimes a mystery to be solved, each being its own hidden gem commonly turning in to a rampant adventure.

Every stage once again allows the clock to be turned. However instead of moving back in time the hands are rapidly turned forward. The music moves time faster than you could ever imagine simply because you are in love with the sound. Each song has no beginning or end and there is nothing between you and the universe except beaming lights, sun dripping through the trees and vibrations of the speakers.


The stopping of the clock may hit you unexpectedly. You pull the breaks, suddenly pause and look around. The sight you see is awe inspiring. A crowd of people glowing, bodies slowly bouncing. You look closer and realise every person is a reflection of yourself. Everyone is lost. Lost in the rhythm as your body moves back and forward to the beat. At that point nothing else matters because there is no where else you’d rather be. You would willingly allow time to be turned if it means you get to stay one minute longer. Why must it end.

The moment is here and now. This is all I know. This is the impossible. This is Outlook.

Some practical information about the festival is below.

Boat parties: About 8-10 boat parties are held every day and require booking in advance for an additional Β Β£17 each. I recommend doing one as they are part of the Outlook experience. The boat party we were on started at 1pm which was poor planning on our behalf simply because everyone was still feeling the effects from the night before. Choose a sunset or evening boat party and book early as they sell out.

The beach: The perfect place to relax during the day. There is also two stages at the beach so the tunes are well and truly looked after.


Food: Good but not the best I’ve seen at festivals. They allow gas cookers so if you are organised it’s great to cook your own healthier meals.

Alcohol: Is allowed in the campground but not the festival. Although very easily snuck in via your back pocket if you can whiz past security. Alternatively, alcohol prices are the same as Croatian bars.

The music: I went to the festival knowing about 5 or 6 acts in total which is very, very little. The great thing was that if you are in to this kind of music you could turn up to any stage and know it was going to be great regardless. This also took a lot of pressure off each night as we rarely had to be at a certain stage at a certain time.


Facilities: Serious lack of toilets in the campgrounds as well as toilet paper. It was BYO toilet roll the entire time. Great hot showers as well as outdoor showers.

The Brits: Make up about 90% of the festival. You considered yourself lucky if you met someone who wasn’t from England.

Fright of the festival: Not practical but necessary for you to know – when a cat jumped on my stomach while I was sleeping in the campervan. Because 1) why the hell is there a cat at a festival and 2) why the hell is it in my campervan!?

Security: The tightest I have seen at any festival including a high police presence as well as undercover police. Not sure if this is because they have had bad experiences in the past but if you are going to be naughty do it discreetly.

Opening concert: This costs an extra Β£57 on the first night and is held off site. We opted to save our money and stay at the festival where they had great music on the beach stages. Friends if ours went and said the concert was amazing so good options either way.

Conclusion: Amazing festival, amazing music and an amazing time. Highly recommended.




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